I embarked on a journey that has opened my eyes, and given me a deeper understanding of how
much GOD loves me. I also learned how deep Satan’s deceptions and lies have distorted us from the
perfect creation we are meant to be. Through searching the scriptures, theory classes and practical
life skills workshops, we learned about GOD’s character and gained a deeper understanding of HIS
love for us. He knows our sins and weaknesses, but HE loves us anyway. “You’re at where you’re at,
and that’s OK”. He teaches us to love others for who they truly are, faults, flaws and all! And this is
where the healing begins. In a kind, loving, accepting, supportive environment we can be honest
about our hurts, pains and sins. Praise the LORD, when we find ourselves in a safe environment
where we can share our deepest darkest hurts and fears, Satan’s lies are exposed and stopped in
their tracks. We can begin to see our true value and identity. Regardless of our past… GOD loves us
anyway! This is why JESUS came and died on the cross for us, and “by HIS stripes we are healed”
Isaiah 53:5. Due to my time at Healing Rain, I learned how to really surrender my will to CHRIST and
trust in HIM more. Something I’ve been praying for victory over for a very long time. I couldn’t
recommend the 10-day Healing Rain School more.