While at Healing Rain, God showed me that I had some repressed memories that I hadn’t yet dealt with,
which was stopping me from fully surrendering and giving God my all. I was going to church, giving
Bible studies, going on mission trips and volunteering, etc. But on the inside, I had the heart of the
dragon. How? I was yelling at the kids when I was feeling overwhelmed, throwing F bombs, giving
my husband the silent treatment, pressuring, manipulating, nagging and guilt tripping people when
things didn’t go my way. I still had the beast living inside my heart. But being out in nature at the
beautiful Log Cabin Camp, eating delicious plant based meals and being surrounded by people who
were real and honest about their struggles, created a safe environment for me to heal. God is in control,
I’ve learned that I can’t force my kids to have a relationship with Jesus. For just like how He gives us
all the freedom of choice. I also need to give others that same freedom. My job is to be an example of
the Jesus that I know.