I just wanted to share a short testimony about how Healing Rain has impacted and changed my life. And really understanding the true picture of who God is. Before coming to Healing Rain School, I struggled a lot with anger. As being a Polynesian, one of the things that I really struggle with was how to express and have self-control in terms of my frustrations and my anger. A lot of times, my wife, my lovely wife and also my children would see the ugliness of my anger when it’s untamed and without self-control. Attending Healing Rain School, I have been able to learn how Jesus, Himself, was able to have self-control in times of difficulty. But also be able to reveal the love of the Father through challenging times. Coming away from Healing Rain School, I have been able to apply Christ’s method and His thoughts in difficult situations. Another thing that I also struggled with in terms of hurt and suffering, I had a tendency of acquiring self-worth from family, friends and circle of influence just to make myself feel better. But I’ve discovered through Healing Rain School that our self-worth should come and should come from the love of God. And this tells me how much I am valued. I have really enjoyed being able to apply some of the tools and concepts learnt from Healing Rain School. Being able to create safe places within my working environment where we have been able to talk about the love of God and just be able to listen and to reason from cause to effect. Healing Rain has been a blessing. It empowered me to do evangelism not only in my home but also outside of the church.