Before Healing Rain, my life consisted of self-destruction. Whether it was drugs and alcohol, depression, all those dark things, my life was dark – I had no idea how dark. God brought me here, it was Him. I never planned to be here. God brought Healing Rain to me. After Healing Rain, I was able to not just learn tools that help me at home as a mum and out there in the world but I was able to really build my relationship with God. I think I may have thought that I knew who God was at one point but I had no idea until I joined Healing Rain School. And I’m so blessed to have a thankful heart today. For all that dark was for a purpose and I’m so excited to get to know what that purpose is. But I know God knows and I’m excited to let him guide me and hear Him make that choice to obey Him and let Him be in charge and in control. I am so overjoyed that my kids will have a mum back as well. And I hope to one day be part of someone else’s healing. For I know how good that is. I am definitely a product of that.


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