Before Healing Rain, I was lost. I did not know what love is. I heard a lot about Jesus, I believe in God and I heard about Him a long time ago. I never experienced fully His love and what He has done for me. My biggest problem in life is trust. I do not trust anyone. I have fear of people coming and getting close to me because my whole life I have had people who left me since I was a baby. I know it is only a story but I lead my life believing my story is real. I have done a lot of work to try and find and understand what love is. I failed to find it.

Then I came here, Healing Rain School Australia. It started with myself being around people I did not trust, same thing once again. Then I started keeping my distance and staying away. My experience here was the best. Healing Rain showed me what healing means. And there was no one else who could heal but my man, Jesus Christ. He healed me. He gave the Healing Rain Family everything needed to pass it on to me and the people that they help. Taking on Healing Rain School is something I can be proud of myself because I came up with all the excuses not to attend. I came 2 days after the official start but I still got so much out of it. I found out what love is and I found out who Jesus really is. Not someone that someone else told me about. I have witnessed Him with my own eyes. No words can express the feeling of where I am at the moment. It has been emotional for someone who came and did not trust anyone around here. I did not want the school to end and leave as everyone became my family and they became people who would never leave me.

For anyone who is reading this, I encourage you to take Healing Rain on and I promise you, (Jesus) He will do it for you. 


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