In 2019, my life changed thanks to my loving parents, the amazing team at Healing Rain and last but not the least God. I was broken, angry, confused and scared. What I experienced at Healing Rain was a loving, warm, accepting and safe environment where everyone loves you for who you are and always there to share and support.

After attending Healing Rain School Australia 2019, I realised how much I needed Christ and my family back in my life. I had pushed God and my family away because I was hurting and ashamed to ask for help. What I appreciated most about Healing Rain besides the fellowship and amazing food was the balanced program we enjoyed. Being able to take home so many helpful tips and ways to deal with how our mind and body react to trauma we have been through be it mentally, physically, sexually or spiritually has been an amazing help to me. It has inspired me to think outside myself and be there for others who are struggling.


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