10 Day Healing Rain School

Our schools are located in a rural area, where nature can assist in the healing process. You will enjoy a very delicious, plant based, whole food cuisine, which will add to your healing. The goal of this School is to help the student to look to the source and discover the root cause, as well as to place the student in an environment where self-government can be learned.


Each class is taught in light of God’s love for humanity, for it is a true picture of God’s love that heals! We use a Life Skills Work Program, which allows opportunity for physical activity, learning of practical skills, student & teacher interaction, as well as time for personal reflection & application. We also seek to create a safe, transparent environment where love can grow, and where the Holy Spirit can be free to heal us from the inside out!


The Healing Rain School was created so that there can be a safe place where love can grow! A place where one can come to not only hear what love looks like, but also a place where one can see, look upon, handle and experience what love looks like! Come join us and allow God to show you what love looks like, at Healing Rain School!